We supply wholesalers with our own Cooked Meats, Pease Pudding and a whole range of other products, at competitive prices. Contact our sales team to find out our wholesale prices.


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Yes ! you can freeze our Pease Pudding , once defrosted you may be left with a little surface water , just give it a little mix and your good to go…

A question we get asked almost on a weekly basis! (mainly by North East expats) We can now proudly say that where ever you are in the UK you can get our Pease Pudding by ordering online HERE

Yes our Pease Pudding is suitable for vegans because we don’t use Ham stock in our cooking process. We are also registered with the Vegan Society.

We have a fleet of 3 refrigerated vans that deliver locally 5 days a week. Interested in us delivering to your business? give us a CALL